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Product Update - August 2021

Product Updates

Product Update - August 2021

Making the good things better

By Proof'd
By Proof'd, Aug 27 2021

Making the nice things better

During the summer, we've focused on refining all aspects of Proof’d. Here's a list of some of those small, but important, improvements.

Improved support for web components

Testing web components can be difficult. Proof’d now handles them as if they were just nothing special. This includes nested web components.

Non-deterministic application flows

Sometimes app flows are non-deterministic. The URLs are always different, the form fields randomly change from one request to the next, the page order changes, or all of these happen at once. Unlike other testing frameworks that become really unhappy when things change, you can now configure Proof’d to handle this gracefully.

Suggested next actions

Proof’d now provides suggestions on what to do next. If Proof’d finds a new form, it will suggest you provide data. If it finds changes, it will suggest you resolve them. If it finds new Views, it will suggest you Scan them.

Easier filter creation

You can control the Views Proof’d Scans using App Filters. From a View view page, with a single click, you can now create a filter that ignores all Views similar to the current View, or all Views that share a root path with the current View.

Our automated testing platform is built for startups, enterprises, and any other organization that develops software. Schedule a quick call with us and find out how we can help you test everything with the team you have.

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