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Product Update - February 2022

Product Updates

Product Update - February 2022

Smarter robots

By Proof'd
By Proof'd, Mar 02 2022

Full Scans - Now Faster and Better

Robotic Exploratory Testing is at the core of what makes Proof’d unique. This release significantly improves the accuracy and thoroughness of the discovery done during Full Scans.

Proof’d now does a better job of identifying when its interactions with the app create new Events. This allows it to better determine the shortest path to each View.

Previously, the overhead of calculating the path for Full Scans through an app with thousands of Views could add minutes to each Scan. This overhead has been eliminated.

If Proof’d encounters a duplicate path to the same View, it will now remember that it is a duplicate path and not Scan that path again in the current or future Full Scans.

As, Proof’d now intentionally rescans certain Views during Full Scans, Proof’d now indicates if a newer version of the View exists for the Scan.

Improved Event Identification

Proof’d now recognizes when an Event also exists in one of the View's parents. Proof’d ignores these Events as they will be handled in the parent. This can significantly reduce the number of unique Views Proof’d creates.

Timezone and location emulation

For applications that make use of calendars or contain scheduling functionality, being able to simulate multiple timezones is critical to thorough testing. With this release, you can now specify a timezone for each Dataset. You can test multiple timezones by creating multiple Datasets.

For applications that require the user's location, you may now associate a City with each Dataset. Proof’d will set the browser's location to the city's latitude and longitude before each Scan.

Additional changes

  • Simplified Scan Filter creation - Proof’d no longer allows you to create Scan Filters that would be ignored or are contradictory.

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