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A new approach to automated testing

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A new approach to automated testing

Automating Automated Testing

By Proof'd
By Proof'd, Aug 04 2019

Everyone is familiar with the phrase time is money. Your time has a cost associated with it.

Nearly all software teams could benefit from additional time and money. Proof’d can’t give you money for software development, but it can provide much-needed benefits.

Automated Testing is Actually Mostly Manual

As an industry, we call it automated testing, but building out and maintaining the tests is a decidedly manual process. It’s the cost of this manual effort that forces teams to settle for either less test coverage or slower development times.

According to industry analysis's, we are on track to spend $12.6B on software testing tools in 2019. However, on average, we only automated the testing of 40% of our software’s functionality. The same report predicts that we will spend more than twice as much by 2024. Will that result in twice the average functionality coverage?

While $12.6B is a seriously large amount of money, it is dwarfed by the cost of the testing teams themselves. Unless new testing tools radically alter the productivity of our testing teams, team size will continue to be what holds us back from achieving the test coverage we need.

A Fundamentally Different Approach

With Proof’d, we are taking a new approach to software testing - the radical one needed to enable teams of any size to achieve both the end-to-end and the regression testing they need - by removing nearly all of the manual effort existing tools require.

We like to think of this new approach as "automatic testing."

With Proof’d, increasing test coverage no longer means slower development times or increasing the size of your team. With Spotter, time and budget can be shifted from testing to development without sacrificing test coverage or overall quality.

Curious? Skeptical? Need to See to Believe?

Sign up for a demo today to see automatic testing and the benefits of Spotter for yourself.

Thad Parker - Founder/CEO

Our automated testing platform is built for startups, enterprises, and any other organization that develops software. Schedule a quick call with us and find out how we can help you test everything with the team you have.

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