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Product Update - October 2022

Product Updates

Product Update - October 2022

Archiving, Auditing, and Paths

By Proof'd
By Proof'd, Oct 31 2022

Scan Archiving

You can now archive some Scans. If a Scan doesn't contain a baseline version, it may be archived. Archived Scans are not included by default in any of the Scan lists. You can choose to see Archived Scans by checking "Show Archived" on the App's Scan List page. You can unarchive a Scan on the Scan view Page.

Improved Support for multiple data values for a form

You have always been able to provide more than one set of values for a given for in a DataSet. You can now specify which set of values to use for a given Path Step. Previously, Proof’d always used the first set of values. This significantly improves the ability to create circular paths, or better exercise a form's functionality in Paths.

Improved Scan speed for app's with large pages

Processing of large pages is now 2x - 100x faster. The larger the View, the better the improvement. This should result in a noticeable reduction in full Scan times.

Expanded Audit Trail

Audit logging has been expanded beyond login/logout to include nearly every action in Proof’d. The Audit Report may be downloaded on the Report tab on the Account Settings page.

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