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Product Update - April 2022

Product Updates

Product Update - April 2022

Focus on what's important

By Proof'd
By Proof'd, Apr 30 2022

Configurable Change Relevance

Robotic Exploratory Testing is at the core of what makes Proof’d unique. Robotic Exploratory Testing is the only practical way to build coverage of complex applications. While many of you use Proof’d because of its thoroughness, some find it overwhelming.

You can now configure a Change Relevance Threshold for each app. Raise the threshold and Proof’d will display more potential bugs. Lower it and Proof’d will show fewer.

Changes are determined to be more relevant if they affect the way the page renders, are on an element the use can interact with, or directly affect the behavior of the application. Changes are considered less relevant if they don't directly affect the behavior of the app, or are invisible on the View and likely to be visible on another View.

This threshold does not change whether Proof’d finds changes. It only affects which ones are displayed. You can change the threshold as often as you like to find a threshold that works for your app.


Proof’d now captures when Views link to a download or when Events trigger a download. While Proof’d doesn't actually download the file, it will capture the type and size of each download. If the download doesn't start, or file type changes, it will be flagged as a change just as images and other embedded binary objects are now.

JS Exceptions

Proof’d now captures all Javascript Exceptions during Scans. The exceptions are visible on Inspect tab on the View Details page.

You can configure whether or not these exceptions are treated as Errors during Scans.

Our automated testing platform is built for startups, enterprises, and any other organization that develops software. Schedule a quick call with us and find out how we can help you test everything with the team you have.

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