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Product Update - September 2022

Product Updates

Product Update - September 2022

We make the products you build better

By Proof'd
By Proof'd, Sep 12 2022

More flexible Path Creation

Prior to this release, only Views discovered during a full Scan could be included in Paths. You can now include unscanned Views in Paths.

This opens up some additional possibilities:

  • Scanning only specific pages in your app without resorting to complex Scan Filters.
  • Incremental Path Scans - Adding newly discovered Events or Forms after each Path Scan.

Duplicate Paths Configuration

You can now tell Proof’d to allow duplicate paths to the same View. This is important if you have multiple flows that end on the same page. For example, multiple flows through an ecommerce app, all ending at the shopping cart.


Proof’d should now feel faster. We find slow apps annoying and spent some time improving the performance of Proof’d's UI.

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