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Product Update - October 2021

Product Update

Product Update - October 2021

SSO and Selects

By Proof'd
By Proof'd, Nov 09 2021

Simplified SSO

Until now, to use SSO to log into your app, Proof’d would treat the flow as part of your app. You can now specify SSO credentials directly in the DataSet. When Proof’d find itself on the SSO site, it will use the provided credentials to automatically log in. The individual steps and Views needed to complete the login process no longer appear in your App or Scan.

Proof’d currently supports Google and Microsoft SSO. Additional options will be added in the future. You may provide different credentials or select a different provider for each DataSet.

Support for treating dropdown menu components as select components

Many JS frameworks shun the native select control and choose to implement their own. These implementations often have little in common with native select controls. Some implementations are identical to dropdown menus. Some implementations defer creating the select options until the user clicks on the control.

As they say, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it must be a dropdown menu pretending to be a select control.

You can now tell Proof’d that an Event is actually a select control. You can also tell Proof’d which child Events are to be considered options. Once you do this, the select will appear in Forms just as native selects do.

Additional changes

  • In order to help your app identify Proof’d, you can now specify a string of text to be appended to the user agent.
  • Proof’d now does a better job of selecting an appropriate favicon image to display in Proof’d.

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