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Product Update - November 2020

Product Updates

Product Update - November 2020

Issue Integration

By Proof'd
By Proof'd, Nov 30 2020

Jira integration

You can now opt to open an issue in Jira when resolving a change as a defect. In addition to the title and notes you provide, Proof’d will include additional information change:

  • Scan number
  • Dataset name
  • URL
  • Element
  • The description of the change

Opening a Jira Issue

Improved Session handling

In order for %%apppname%% to scan your app in the proper order, it is vital that Proof’d to know if a View can be accessed only with a valid session. In this release, you can now indicate that a specific form is your login form. Any Views that were identified after this form are assumed to require a valid session.

Improved View Grouping

Proof’d limits the scope of Full Scans by scanning only a certain number of each View. While Proof’d is normally clever enough to group Views automatically, it isn't always perfect. In this release, you can now specify a list of URL paths. Proof’d will force any View with this path into the same group.

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