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Product Update - December 2021

Product Updates

Product Update - December 2021

Onward and Upward

By Proof'd
By Proof'd, Dec 30 2021

File Uploads

Proof’d can now upload files while testing your app. Upload the files as many files as you need to Proof’d, then select the file from the list of uploaded files when adding test data.

Headers and session storage

Sometimes, it's impossible to figure out why something unexpected happened without access to Having access to the data stored in the client can help debug problems. Proof’d now captures cookie and local storage data at every step. It also captures both request and response headers.

Additional changes

  • Proof’d now automatically realizes when it logs itself out during Full Scans.
  • Proof’d can now automatically validate whether or not an Event View is directly addressable.
  • We have also made many small usability improvements.

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