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Product Update - April 2021

Product Updates

Product Update - April 2021

More Browsers, More Devices, More Video

By Proof'd
By Proof'd, Apr 30 2021

New Browsers, Devices, and Screen sizes

Cross-browser and cross-device testing in Proof’d is now possible.

Proof’d now supports Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. You can choose from multiple screen resolutions on desktop or from our list of mobile devices.

Scan Groups

Take full advantage of the new browsers and devices with Scan Groups. Create a Scan group, add one or more combinations of Datasets, Paths, Browsers, and Devices, and then start all of the scans at once from either Proof’d or a webhook. You control whether the Scans run in parallel or one at a time.

New App Overview

The App Overview tab now displays a matrix that shows the current state of the App's test results. For each combination of Dataset, Path, Browser, and Device, the following data is displayed:

  • Last Scan date
  • Number of Scans
  • Number of unresolved changes
  • Number of outstanding defects

App Overview

Video Recordings

Proof’d now captures a video of Path Scans. Videos are available on the Video tab on the Scan view page.


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