Product Update - April 2021

Product Update

Product Update - April 2021

More Browsers, More Devices, More Video

By Proof'd
By Proof'd, Apr 30 2021

New Browsers, Devices, and Screen sizes

Cross-browser and cross-device testing in Proof’d is now possible.

Proof’d now supports Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. You can choose from multiple screen resolutions on desktop or from our list of mobile devices.

Scan Groups

Take full advantage of the new browsers and devices with Scan Groups. Create a Scan group, add one or more combinations of Datasets, Paths, Browsers, and Devices, and then start all of the scans at once from either Proof’d or a webhook. You control whether the Scans run in parallel or one at a time.

New App Overview

The App Overview tab now displays a matrix that shows the current state of the App's test results. For each combination of Dataset, Path, Browser, and Device, the following data is displayed:

  • Last Scan date
  • Number of Scans
  • Number of unresolved changes
  • Number of outstanding defects

App Overview

Video Recordings

Proof’d now captures a video of Path Scans. Videos are available on the Video tab on the Scan view page.


Product Update - February 2021

Product Update

Product Update - February 2021

Improvements for the new year

By Proof'd
By Proof'd, Feb 22 2021

Improved Event and Form Element detection

Proof’d is now better able to track events and form elements across changes and across Views.

Console Errors

If there was an error in the browser console during a Scan, Proof’d now shows that error the View page.

Improved Scan performance

Every release includes Scan performance improvements. This release is no exception.

Please see the release notes for a complete list of changes.

Product Update - November 2020

Product Update

Product Update - November 2020

Issue Integration

By Proof'd
By Proof'd, Nov 30 2020

Jira integration

You can now opt to open an issue in Jira when resolving a change as a defect. In addition to the title and notes you provide, Proof’d will include additional information change:

  • Scan number
  • Dataset name
  • URL
  • Element
  • The description of the change

Opening a Jira Issue

Improved Session handling

In order for %%apppname%% to scan your app in the proper order, it is vital that Proof’d to know if a View can be accessed only with a valid session. In this release, you can now indicate that a specific form is your login form. Any Views that were identified after this form are assumed to require a valid session.

Improved View Grouping

Proof’d limits the scope of Full Scans by scanning only a certain number of each View. While Proof’d is normally clever enough to group Views automatically, it isn't always perfect. In this release, you can now specify a list of URL paths. Proof’d will force any View with this path into the same group.

Product Update - October 2020

Product Update

Product Update - October 2020

You asked, we delivered

By Proof'd
By Proof'd, Oct 20 2020

We love to get feedback from users, and this month, we took that feedback to heart and delivered some often-requested enhancements. We're super excited about the results!

Simplified Change Resolution

You said the “Baseline,” “Both,” and “Reject” options were too pedantic and inscrutable. We heard you.

Resolving a change

When resolving changes, if the change was due to an intentional change, you now select “Correct Behavior.” If the change was due to dynamic application content or application data, now select “Dynamic Content.” If the change was unintended, now select “Defect.” We think these options make a lot more sense.

Reduced “Noise”

You let us know that your Scan results were too "noisy." We addressed this by adding additional configuration options that allow you to “mask” some changes and some additional “smarts” to better identify things that merely moved. Spotter now also provides significantly more recommendations. For example, it now makes an appropriate recommendation when a style or class change did not affect how the element is rendered.

Reduced Scan Times

On average, Full Scans complete in 35% of the time they did before. Not only did we make Spotter work faster, but we also made it work less with improved Event deduplication logic.

We also made many other small tweaks and improvements.

If you’d like a personalized walkthrough of these changes, let us know, and we’ll be happy to do it.

Thank you!